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  • Barrie, Ontario Canada (map)

"Adelaide was diagnosed 4 days before she was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. In short, her diaphragm had a rip in it and all her intestines, bowels, stomach and kidneys herniated into her chest which then pushed her heart over to the right side of her chest and greatly restricted the growth of her lungs. She was born dead but after 30 minutes of working on her she was resesutated and taken to Sick Kids. She had a repair surgery the next day and although the surgery went well, there were complications afterwards, and at 4 days old she had a stroke that affected her left side making it very weak. She spent 5 weeks at Sicks Kids. Currently Adelaide is doing well and showing only a few signs of all that happened to her, but we still see many doctors and continue to go back to Sick Kids for monitoring. Adelaide is still too young to understand all that happened to her and just how inspiring she had been to our family and friends, but she is getting closer to understanding us having to tell her why she has a concave chest and scars on her tummy!" – Ashley (Mom) 

Earlier Event: August 26