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  • Burlington, Ontario Canada (map)

"Our daughter Elizabeth is a blessing beyond words. Born 3 1/2 months early weighing 1 1/2 pounds she came into this world a fighter and to this day she continues to fight what scars her prematurity has left her. Due to her early arrival Elizabeth was diagnosed with a hearing impariment, Ataxia and Dystonia (types of Cerebral Palsy). Elizabeth has great difficulty with balance and coordination; running, jumping, kicking a ball, getting dressed and fine motor activities such as writing are difficult for her. Elizabeth for years has endured hours of therapy to help her overcome her challenges without a complaint. Because of her perseverence she has shown the Doctors who suggested that a wheelchair be the best way for her to keep up with her friends that there are no limits to her capabilities. Elizabeth does long to one day to run and jump and to keep up with her friends on the playground and has been trying to understand where she 'fits' in comparission to her peers. After watching the movie 'Dolphin Tale' Elizabeth was in awe that the dolphin in the movie was like her, this dolphin needed a prosthetic tail to swim and Elizabeth needs AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) to help her walk. After watching this movie Elizabeth became very interested in dolphins and reads every book she can about them. Elizabeth's current aspirations are to one day move to Florida to help injured dolphins and teach them how to swim and until then she will cover our house with drawings of these beautiful creatures." – Angela (Mom)

Earlier Event: July 30
Later Event: August 12