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If you're looking for more information about The Drawing Hope Project, feel free to drop me a line and we can chat! I am located in Ontario, Canada - but travel as required!  If you want to be part of The Drawing Hope Project and send in your child's drawing - you can do so BELOW the contact form or by clicking here!

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Shawn Van Daele / The Drawing Hope Project



Submit Your Child's Drawing!

Drawing Hope is about telling the stories of children born or living with health conditions, through transforming their own drawings into magical photographs.  These photos, the original children’s drawings, and their personal stories will help them (and you!) see that ANYTHING is possible, and help bring awareness to the causes they represent, inspiring others.

Who should submit a drawing:

Children (or young adults) who are experiencing or have been born with a condition are welcome to submit their drawings (or you can do it on their behalf!). The Project is literally wide open to anyone with an inspiring story!
I’m looking for passionate and inspiring personal stories about inspirational kids, with fun, interesting (or even weird and funny) drawings that would be magical to see turned into photos!  When you submit their story below – please also include any interpretations or translations of the drawing if you think I may need it!

What to expect:

If chosen for a photo (this is based on my availability and your location) I’ll be in touch to get more information, and to coordinate a photoshoot!  Since not all children will be mobile, special attention will be given to making the photoshoot quick and efficient, and I’m happy to work at a location that is convenient for you! You will receive a print of the finished piece of art, as well as a high-resolution digital version to print and share however you like. Though you’re submitting a copy of the original drawing, I would love to have the original drawing as well, so it can be properly reproduced for print, and for possible display at a gallery show.  Please keep the original drawing in a safe place in the meantime!  Originals WILL be returned to you.

What to submit:

Fun drawings that would be magical to see turned into a real photo!  If you have a drawing your child did that you love, send it in!  If you’d like them to draw something specifically for this project, here’s some ideas on what you can ask them to draw (but anything they draw will be fine!  These are just some ideas!)  If your child CAN'T draw - that is fine!  I am happy to work with photos of a mess they've made, their toys lying around, a drawing their sibling has done, or your description of their passions and what they love!

  • What do you see in your dreams?

  • Draw me the nicest place in the world!

  • Make me a funny picture of your favourite things!

  • Draw me your favourite fairy tale

  • Draw me the things you want the most

  • Make a picture of your memories!

  • Draw yourself with your favourite animals