I Will Always Find You In The Stars

I Will Always Find You In The Stars

I Will Always Find You In The Stars

FAMILY is not always marked by the walls of a house, by blood, or by law. Family are those that will be there to shed light on your journey, to hold you steady on your way, to catch you should you fall.

Landon and Danny, at the top of the ladders, are biological brothers, each adopted by separate families. Danny's adoptive mother, and Joe's biological mother, is now dying from cancer, given only weeks to live. This is Danny's third time losing a parent - and he is only 6. First, his birth mother, then his Foster mother, and now, his adoptive Mother. 

I was asked if I could create a photo showing both brothers, being looked after by their adopted siblings, Ryley on the left, and Joe on the right...who is going through the journey of losing his Mom to a horrible disease. Katherine, their Mom, collects elephants...a symbol of family. I wanted to create something magical for all of them to cherish as a whole family. To see that in the distance, Katherine will never be far away. I wanted to create an image for Katherine to carry with her to the stars, knowing her sons will always be looked after...something to bring them all comfort, knowing that together they are stronger than they are apart. 

"I Will Always Find You In The Stars"

As John, Katherine's husband said another had said to him..."I wish you Courage on your journey".

What else can you say that means more that that? I wish every soul in this very real story....Courage, Strength and HOPE. I wish Katherine comfort knowing her boys will be taken care of and encouraged to the stars, and I wish her family a sense of magic that can only come from knowing they are being watched over, and that they are not alone.

I hope that all these children will always find her, and each other, in the stars. – xo Shawn