The Magical Power of Imagination

It really doesn't matter who you are, or where you live; it doesn't matter how you were raised, or who you were raised with.  Dreams are our own, and they are as unique as each of us.  Imagination is not something that is taught, or learned - it comes from that magical place inside us where HOPE lives.

On my recent trip to Nevada I met two siblings, Karina and Johnathan - each with their own unique challenges - and dreams as different as the two of them.  Karina sent me a drawing of herself as a Pop Star (love it!) and Johnathan's drawing was of himself as a Major League Baseball player (for none other than the Cincinnati Reds).  They both OWNED it and knew exactly what to do while 'pretending' in front of the camera.

Why? Because they just let their dreams out of their heart and into the world.

Amazing things can happen when you do that.  

Karina & Johnathan's Magical Photos

Click the image to view larger!

Click the image to view larger!

It has been really amazing to watch the themes of the drawings change over time...from unicorns and fairies to pop stars and baseball players.  Every child has their own dreams, hopes and wishes - their imagination is as unique as the challenges they are living with.  Every time I receive new drawings in my inbox I get excited to see what that specific child imagines - and it challenges me to translate that imagination into a photo I wouldn't otherwise ever create.

These children are my greatest art supply, and they are my inspiration.  Their dreams and imaginations fuel this project, and it is so rewarding to see their hopes inspire hope in others.  That is the magic and power of a child's imagination. xo – Shawn