We Are How We Treat Each Other...And Nothing More

I couldn't wait to share my trip to Nevada to meet 6 awesome kids at the NCCF - and while we're waiting for ABC World News with Diane Sawyer to air the segment...I put together this behind the scenes of that super awesome day.  I have loved this song for so long, "Nothing More" by The Alternate Routes - and the moment I heard it, I knew it was a "Drawing Hope Song".  The lyrics are so perfectly perfect, and exactly what this project is all about.

Heroes don’t look like they used to, they look like you do
— The Alternate Routes (Nothing More)

Once I have all the magical pics from the trip complete (hopefully by Monday!) I will be making a "Part 2" to this video - there's just way too much I want to share, and it's that magical moment where you see the drawings come to life that I can't wait to see happen!  xo – Shawn