What's Hiding in Isaac's Alley?

On my way to deliver Isaac his finished magical photo yesterday...I was thinking about the picture and Isaac's love of mystery books.  Then, the little light above my head went off, and I thought - what if I hid all sorts of things in the photo, for Isaac (and you!) to find?  This is how Isaac affects people - he inspires them!  I think this is something I will start doing in ALL the magical Drawing Hope Project photos going forward!

What's Hiding In Isaac's Alley?

I've hidden 14 things in Isaac's Alley.  Can you find them all?  Click on the image to open it in a special window.  You may need to zoom in (if you're on a tablet or smart phone) to find them all!

  1. A Fish

  2. A Skeleton Key

  3. A Baseball Bat

  4. A Frog

  5. A Crow

  6. 2 Pencils

  7. 1 Pair of Scissors

  8. 2 Mice

  9. A Ruler

  10. A Harmonica

  11. The Isaac Foundation HOPE Logo

  12. A Cane / Walking Stick

If you want to load up an even LARGER version of Isaac's Alley...you can do so by clicking HERE. (it's really really big!)