To Nevada and Back

It's been just over a week since I took an amazing trip to Nevada, and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation to work with 6 incredible families (1 of which flew all the way from Arizona to meet me!)  I don't even have words for how wonderful these kids are, or their families, or the unbelievable people who work at this foundation truly are.  I left speechless and feeling like I had made friends I'll have for a lifetime.  I laughed, I cried, I got a t-shirt (well, it was actually a hoodie, and 4 hats!  Thank you Steph!).  It was just one of those incredibly life-changing trips - and I can't believe it all happened within 60 hours, including 27 hours of travel!  Magic is weird like that sometimes.

This video of me meeting Super Andrew for the first time sort of sums up how the whole "day" went.  It was so emotional and wonderful - I am so blessed and lucky to have been able to meet these kids, and have the chance to help them see that "Anything is Possible."  Super Andrew brought me a very special Super Hero Bear all the way from Arizona.  

Andrew actually made the bear, especially for me.  Here's what Andrew's Super-Mom wrote about making the bear: "During the bear making ceremony at Build-A-Bear Workshop, Andrew kissed the heart in side so that Mr. Shawn will always feel loved. He rubbed the heart on his muscles so Mr. Shawn will have strength when he needs it. He rubbed the heart on his head so that Mr. Shawn will always be able to come up with these amazing ideas for children. He held the heart tight to his heart and made a wish for magical things to continue to happen. Then we said a quick prayer asking God to continue to bless the amazing work that Mr. Shawn is doing for all of these wonderful warrior children. Then...Andrew kissed the heart and tucked it inside of the bear before the bear was sown up. He also made the message that says "Hi Mr. Shawn. This is Andrew. Thanks for my picture. I love you." He had the message button placed in the left paw (hand) of the bear... "because I'm a lefty!" Then he found the PERFECT outfit for the bear...a Super Hero shirt with a cape." 

Seriously.  Could I love any of that more?  There's magic happening already and I haven't even taken a photo.

I've finished 2 (well, sort of 3!) photos from this trip already - and am so excited to share the spot that ABC World News with Diane Sawyer will be airing soon about the whole trip and experience.  It will be magical, I promise you!  Stay tuned here (and on ABC lol!) - and I'll let you know when everything is being's not everyday that magic gets pushed out across the entire continent!