From The Bridge...and the Heart

I am so grateful to my friends From The Bridge, who just last night hosted a spontaneous fundraiser for The Drawing Hope Project.  These guys not only have talent, but heart.  They raised over $550 dollars to help me continue this project and keep bringing smiles to kids everywhere fighting incredible odds!  Amazing.

I worked with FTB last year to create some art for them, and fell in love with their music.  It's thoughtful, poignant and truly from the heart.  It's what the ears of the world need to hear, and the hearts of the world need to absorb.  Their lyrics are gorgeous and there is just so much...heart...put into what they do.  The world definitely needs more musicians and artists like them.  The benefit was put on at the Detour Cafe in Dundas, Ontario, and though I couldn't be there (I was busy editing a very special "Underwater Birthday Party - with Mermaids!" photo for Mika and Keaton) - I was there in spirit as I listened to their new album, Between The Bookends, while I worked. 

A couple weeks ago I was honoured with the "Toronto Maple Leafs State Farm 'Good Neighbour' Award" - which to me, is both AWESOME and WEIRD all at once.  In good ways.  It's just weird to be recognized for just do.  Especially on the Jumbotron at the Air Canada Centre.  I mention this NOW because it's people like From The Bridge that I feel I accepted that award on behalf of - every family and supporter of the project - every child that has sent me their dream as a drawing.  There are SO MANY good people in this world.  What FTB did last night for me and this project is evidence of that.  The award is given to 6 Canadians a year...I had a bit of  "mind blown" moment when I received the email that I was going to be one of them.

Receiving The Toronto Maple Leafs State Farm Good Neighbour Award 2014

Please take two seconds to go and enjoy their music (I PROMISE you it will move you, and you will be instantly addicted) and give them a "vote" for their current goal to become (they already are to me) "Canada's Best New Artist" in the CBC Searchlight Contest.  They truly, truly deserve it.  It's two clicks.  Click here, then click the little "VOTE FOR THIS ARTIST" icon below the playlist.  You can vote once a day, until April 21st.  

I LOVE music so much.  And I love musicians who make real music, that means something, even more!  Their music just has this power to move you, and it's my favourite to listen to while editing any of my photos.  I'm so grateful for artists who share their talent with the world, that helps inspire and make it a better place.  These guys are those artists.

Watch a Behind The Scenes Spot from my shoot with From The Bridge