How It All Began

I had an idea.  I thought that I could use the talents and abilities I have to do something that people everywhere could find hope and inspiration in.  Something good...just for the sake of doing something good.  My parents gave me a drawing I did for my Grandma when I was just young (either 4 or 7 years old...I can't tell from the writing) - and I turned it into a magical 'real' photograph.  It was then I discoved that I could do the same sort of magic for kids with health conditions...showing them that anything is possible.  To see a child's imagination come to life...despite some horrible 'unawesome' situations - it can't help but give you hope.  To use your abilities and talents to bring smiles to 'sick kids' (and their families!) - there isn't anything in the world that feels better than that.

This is the original drawing and photo that started the whole Drawing Hope Project. I think I did the drawing when I was 6 years old, for my Grandmother.  In 2012 I turned that drawing into a "real" photo starring myself.

A Little Bit About Me


I live in a little village outside of London Ontario, and am co-owner and photographer at Renaissance Studios Photography. The Drawing Hope Project was an idea that turned into something ridiculously magical that has changed many lives - including my own.

I studied drawing and painting for a while at OCAD in Toronto, followed by Graphic Design at Fanshawe in London, Ontario.  It was never on my radar to be a photographer, a philanthropist, or the father to 4 crazy Boston Terriers.

And that's just how life goes.

The Drawing Hope Project has brought me so much already; new friends, a growing family of incredibly strong people, and the awareness that life is so very, very fragile.  I have learned that being an organ donor is the simplest and most valuable thing you can EVER do (and you can register and confirm your registration right here:

A Lot About The Drawing Hope Project


The idea behind The Drawing Hope Project is to show children with health conditions that anything is possible.  Even their imaginations coming to life!  I am working to create a series of inspirational children's books, filled with HOPE.  I am taking drawings done by children with health conditions, and turning them into magical photos - starring themselves.

Each child is becoming a special 'character' in the storybook, and alongside the awesome adventure they will all be going on in a very magical will also through subtext tell their personal stories, what they have overcome, and bring awareness to their personal causes as well as organ donation.

I have already completed nearly 40 magical photo shoots (with so many more planned and coming up!) with the first 28 being incorporated into a special storybook, that my  mother is helping to co-write.  It should be ready very soon!  All proceeds from the book are being divided between the groups & foundations that support the children starring in the storybook.

What I Do: Behind The Scenes

How You Can Be Involved

If you have a child who was born or is living with a health condition, you can send in their drawing and personal story!  When I am in your area (or if you are local) I will be in touch to coordinate a photo shoot (they are super fun!) and turn their imagination and drawing into a real life photo, starring themselves!  The whole process is very magical for everyone involved!

This entire project is done for free.  It does not cost anyone anything to be part of this project, and I make no profit for doing it.  It is my way of giving back and doing what I can with the gifts that I have been given, in a way that helps families and their children smile, especially when they need it most.