Drawings by children living with serious health conditions, turned into magical photographs starring themselves.


About The Project

Learn more about The Drawing Hope Project.  Find out who am I, how it all began, how you can be involved and more.

The Magical Photos

Take a trip around the world and see all the imaginations of these Little Heroes come to life as real life photographs starring themselves, alongside the original drawing they sent me.

Send Me A Drawing!

If your child was born or is living with a health condition, you can be part of The Drawing Hope Project, and send in their drawing and personal story!

WATCH: MTV News: The Drawing Hope Project

What It Means To a Mom

When you have a child that goes through a life threatening illness, every single picture is so very precious. Each picture you take captures a moment that can never be repeated. And when your child’s future is uncertain, there is nothing more valuable than those pictures to remind you of all those moments.
— Joanna Mitchell (Ryley, The Queen of Hearts' Mom)

Ryley's Reaction To Seeing Her Magical Photo

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